Fire Island Pines

Integrative Blended Bodywork geared toward your needs. Each Pro has a different training background and all our treatments are sourced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stretching & Thai, Body Electric, Acupressure, and others.

All bodywork is done on your choice of a professional massage table with clean linens, on a bed at your space, or on yoga mats and blankets. We use high end professional products, essential oils, creams and scrubs that are non-allergenic and great for your skin.

60 mins - $160
90 mins - $190

  • No Extra Charge for your place or our place between Beach Hill and Fisherman. Beyond those, an extra $10 time and travel fee.
  • Ask for student, dancer, public servant, struggling artist discounts. Always glad to give a discount.
  • $20 Additional Charge for Tantric / Pain & Pleasure / Thai Treatments

We have created a lovely private outdoor (shaded) treatment area with the sound of the ocean, the sound of a waterfall nearby and very peaceful. Our location is near Sunburst and Ocean Walks. Outcalls are also available.


Yoga - Spirituality

Fire Island Yoga

Sat, Jun 19th
11am - 12pm
Led by Seneca
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Yoga - Spirituality

Fire Island Yoga

Sun, Jun 20th
11am - 12pm
Led by Seneca
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There are no Pros available at this time

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If you are looking for a way to touch guys and be touched - for healing, for relieving some muscles, for fun, for sensuality, and for relaxation ...
you`ve come to the right place. And it`s Free!


We host:
  • Bodywork Classes and Instruction
  • Casual Group Trades & Parties
  • Theme Based Workshops
  • Yoga Classes
  • Experiential Theatrical Fantasy Immersions

Most MMX Workshops and Events are private and for members-only.
Our membership is very diverse and for guys who are athletic, fit, have good touch energy, and strive for optimal mind-body excellence.

Book an appointment with an exclusive member of our curated staff of healers and experience a superior bodywork session that will leave you completely relaxed and perfectly recharged.


We welcome advanced payments. Click here to learn more.