Luke (away until 2019)

Luke (away until 2019)
  • Luke is a delightful and warm Australian guy with years of experience as a body worker, dancer choreographer, and massage. Tapping into sensual energy in a massage offers you a powerful spiritual experience.
  • Luke's massage is sensual, therapeutic and transformative, and combines elements of touch with energy and breathwork to stimulate, liberate, circulate, and expand energy. He is trained in Tantric Body Electric Touch.
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Luke is very intuitive at reading and anticipating clients' needs and tailors the massage to you.

Luke works from a variety of techniques; ancient and new, Eastern and Western, deeper pressure and lighter touch.

He is passionate about the potential for healing and happiness through touch.
Lie down, let Luke take control and take you on a delicious journey. Luke gets great reviews for his gluteal massage, one of the largest muscle group in the body!

Additionally, Luke is trained in the beautiful art of Shibari/Kinbaku; Japanese rope bondage used to restrict movement, wrap, or restrain a person. Incorporating Shibari with massage opens up a whole new set of possibilities and sensation; surrendering yourself fully to being bound; molded like clay; held in place so the touch can venture into heightened spectrum of sensation. (Additional Charge Applies)

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