Tim G (Yoga)

Tim G (Yoga)
  • Tim Groen is an Amsterdam-born, New York-based yoga teacher (RYT 500). He has completed numerous trainings in India and in the US and is an advanced level teacher. In Tim’s classes and workshops, you’ll learn traditional yoga techniques rooted in ancient philosophy, but taught in a current and applicable way. He has led public meditations in New York City’s Highline Park for the past three years and teaches regular classes at various yoga schools, including the renowned Integral Yoga Institute.
  • Tim’s classes attract a lot of male and Gay yogis. He has been teaching naked yoga at MMX since the beginning of 2018, and feels that it is not only a lot of fun, but a transformative, liberating way to practice.
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What to Expect in Tim's Class:
His classes combine Hatha Flow—in which movement is aligned with breath—with postures that are held a bit longer for a deeper experience. This means that your body will be deeply stretched as your mind starts to relax. With warmth and attention for each student, Tim enjoys presenting practices and variations that are new and challenging.

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Amazing yoga/massage session with Tim!
Wonderful energy, great stretching, and a well structur...
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The yoga/massage combo with Tim was great!! I look forward to attending more sessions. :)
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Tim's yoga class is truly aaahmazing!
His class is not a gym yoga flow but a true spiritual pra...
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Tim is great! Sets a nice atmosphere in the class. Easy to follow and makes the yoga fun, hard & enjoyable.
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I really think Tim's Yoga class is excellent. He explained the poses but kept it going so the class...Read More