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Client agreement

I understand that bodywork and massage modalities are for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation and relief from tension. I understand that bodywork does not treat illness or disease, or any other disorder.

I certify that I am in good health, exercise regularly and height/weight proportionate and I understand it is my responsibility to notify personnel of any adverse signs or symptoms, or uncomfortability that I may experience while using this service.

I agree with the Pro, MMX officers or any agents will not be liable to me or anyone else on account of any adverse consequences resulting from my use of this service.

Massage Types

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$150 - 60 / $185 - 90

Bodywork for stress relief, muscle release, and soreness.  Firm Pressure, Sports.  Combination of Techniques.

$150 - 60 / $185 - 90

Perfect blend of firm bodywork and relaxing sensual strokes. 

$225 per 100 mins

Tantric bodywork uses touch and breath to build, stimulate and circulate sexual energy through the body without release.

Trained Tantric Pros include: Anthony, Antonio, Doug, Jeff, Tomik, Omri, and WT  

$249 for 100 minutes

Combination Massage plus add in elements of BDSM to your specifications.  Pros are Anthony, Doug, WT, and Jeff.

90 mins - $180 / 120 mins - $240

Combines deep stretching, rhythmic compression, soft-tissue manipulation, energy balancing, and acupressure. For increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, enhancing the body’s natural energy flow, and promoting a quiet mind.  See full description

Select among these Pros for this treatment: Ric, Antonio, Conor, Doug, Jeff



Schedule a Private Sesssion with one of our Yoga Teachers.

$260 for 60 / $350 for 90

Experience a full customized BDSM session with a Master Dom, where you will discover a deeper side of you driven by desire and fantasy.


Take turns getting a massage by a Pro and your partner so you'll get 4 hands and lots of learning at the same time. 

$90 (45 mins), $115 (60 mins), $175 for 90 mins (includes some massage)

Our body grooming services offer trimming for your entire body, or just some parts.

We use professional grooming trimmers to manscape your hair into any desired look you want. We sculpt the chest, back, arms, groin, butt, and legs. You pick the length and look, and our manscapers will clean you up good!

Come in for a trim before that hot date you have, or get 'scaped to show off your hot Summer bod.

Grooming defines certain muscles and “bulges,” and may keep you cooler in the warmer months.

Book an appointment today with Tomik (Senior Trimmer), Phillip, or Wylie.

Note: We don't wax, sugar, or shave. Trimming Only.